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Jon-Nolan Photography

My name is Jon-Nolan Paresa, I am located in Folsom, CA. I have two companies that I own, Jon-Nolan Photography and Nothing But Headshots. I've been a professional photographer services since 2003. I am located in Folsom, CA.  I provide professional executive, acting,  and modeling headshots.  You may call me at 916-952-0014 or email

Professional /Executive Headshots

Nothing But Headshots is owned and operated by Jon-Nolan Photography. This web site is dedicated to actors, models, and business professionals looking for great-looking headshots. I have included many samples of my work to allow you to get a feel for my unique style of photography and the services I offer. 

Feel free to browse the portfolio section to see what works best for you, then call me to schedule a personal appointment to discuss your individual needs. Whether it's the Modern or Classic style I will help you present the 'look' that works best for you. 

Update: 06/2018 - I've developed a new product which I call Stylized Portraiture, it's quite unique and very artful. If you are looking for a very special portrait of you or someone in your family give me a call, prices start at $150. for a 11 x 14. Larger sizes are available. See examples here: Headshots

Wedding Photography

I completed over 300 weddings since 2003 and have a great understanding of what is needed at a wedding and reception and how to get the job done quickly and on time. To see some of my work, click on the link: Weddings

Event Photography

If you need of a photographer to cover your  special event whether it be, concerts, parties, and other social gatherings please reach out to me to discuss the event and get a quote: 916-952-0014.   


My Story

I became interested in photography while attending the University of Arizona. In 1983, I received a small sum of money after the passing of my grandparents. I used the money to purchase a Canon AE1 35mm camera. I began studying how light and composition shared the same space. In the beginning, I took photographs of family and friends. It wasn't until I visited Mexico City in 1986 that I discovered the wonders of how a great photograph can create memories that will last a lifetime.  It is often said in photography, especially if you have captured something truly wonderful, you are said to; "have a good eye". I soon discovered that I had a 'good eye' and wanted to take my hobby to the next level.

After graduating from college in 1984, I tried for several years to pursue a career in photography. I decided to shelve the plan and focus on getting a job, and work on my master's degree. After 16 months working for a large insurance company in Phoenix, I moved to Denver Colorado and decided it was time to study photography again. I loved photographing the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the landscapes throughout Colorado.

In 1988, after completing my master's degree I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and began working in 'The City'. I was in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and began studying and reading all I could about photography. I dug out my old Canon AE1 whenever I could and started shooting everything I could. Then in 1997, I was introduced to digital photography, I never looked back and have been a fan of the medium ever since.

Today, 100% of my work is digital and related to wedding, portrait, special event, and high school senior photography. I just love working with the couples and all of the excitement associated with weddings. It is that one moment when all things just seem to come together. I am often asked which camera I use. My camera of choice are Nikon's. Nikon are simply the finest cameras made. 

My Experience

I have been a professional photographer since 2003 and offer a set of products and services that is within reach of all budgets call me to discuss: Jon-Nolan at 916-952-0014  or

My Photos

I have a plethora of work covering many aspects of photography. The link to my zenfolio account will show you of much of my work. Follow the link to the site: